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Thursday, 19 May 2011


                            SAMSUNG TAB

  1. ·         Perfect Balance of portability& performance
  2. ·         Minimum screen transitions
  3. ·         SWYPE for super fast input
  4. ·         Combined view of different calendars
  5. ·         Full screen view & simple editing of documents
  6. ·         Keyboard dock
  7. ·         Integrated phonebook
  8. ·         Friend’s latest social media updates
  9. ·         Voice calls to speaker phone or handset
  10. ·         Video Conference
  11. ·         Real-time sharing
  12. ·         E-reading device
  13. ·         Music Hub
  14. ·         Quick launch web browser
  15. ·         Flash 10.1 or HTML5 supported
  16. ·         FULL HD content streaming
  17. ·         Bundle of Apps from Android Market
  18. ·         Location based services

The Best Smartphones in India

The Best Smartphones in India under Rs. 15000
I was asked this question by a friend, “Dude, please help me, suggest me which brand to trust while purchasing a smartphone?” at that point of time i had little idea about these brands’ smartphones but after a little research i suggested him the right brand.
And now i want to share it on the web with my friends from IndiBlogger, Google and rest of the world.
A cheap smartphone should be appropriate for you if you just want it for show off. The most compatible brand for those genre of people would be a Nokia or a BlackBerry because HTC design’s are not very trendy.

                   Nokia E71
Hmm… Nokia is definitely not what i would spend money on because of past experiences but if you have had a nice time candy bar Nokia phones then it is an indication that Nokia smartphones will match your preferences.

Features de Nokia E71

  1. 1.    Great metallic and steady look
  2. 2.   3G, Bluetooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi connectivity for fast data transfer
  3. 3.   Symbian OS 9.2 with Ovi integration
  4. 4.   Microsoft Office 7 Support via free upgrade from Ovi Store
  5. 5.   3.15MP Camera with Flash
  6. 6.   Push eMail, great for social networking
  7. 7.   DivX video support via application

         Price ~ Rs.  12,500

The next option is from BlackBerry and it is the best phone i have seen under Rs. 15,000. Everyone knows very clearly why BlackBerry smartphones are preferred over anything else.

Yeah! the great processor and that lovely trackball, i love it hmm… so BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone is the gadget which i suggest my friend and since then he is a big fan of BB.3

BlackBerry Curve 8520
It is a cheap alternative to other smartphone under the same brand name, it comes with great business looks and works well with teenage people because of fast processor.
User can easily get addicted to it’s very well spaced QWERTY keyboard and thus eMail etc. would be terrific. Great for blogging i must say since BlackBerry App store makes you download WordPress application onto the device.

Features de BlackBerry Curve 8520
  1. 1.  Wi-Fi connectivity for fast internet access
  2. 2. 512MHz CPU for faster process rendering
  3. 3. Nice Web browser
  4. 4. Great support for documents and PDF files
  5. 5. DivX and Xvid support

          Price ~ Rs. 13,000

The last one in the list is from HTC which is definitely there because of Android operating system which has literally revolutionized smartphone market in India.
It is a high class smartphone under rs. 15,000 in India.

HTC Wildfire
The best thing about the device is it’s very cool Super cool capacitive touchscreen (do you want to know how a capacitive touchscreen is different from a resistive one? Please click) that makes it a fast processing business phone and it costs really low as compared to HTC Desire.
It can be used for fun, office, casual and for college purposes as well, in short it is a lean mean fighting machine.

Features de HTC Wildfire

  1. 1.  Android OS  2.1 (Eclair)
  2. 2. 3G with Wi-Fi as well for internet
  3. 3. 5MP camera with LED flash
  4. 4. up to 32GB expandable memory | 2GB included in the sales package
  5. 5. HTC Sense UI and trackball for movement along with touchscreen